About us

We leverage 25 years of dedicated experience in designing and producing dielines, making us pioneers in the field. Our profound knowledge and honed expertise have illuminated the challenges that dielines pose to the printing and packaging industries. As a solution, we introduce Die Cut Templates — an innovation that eradicates the woes associated with dielines.

Revolutionizing the sector, Die Cut Templates stands as the premier resource to eliminate dieline complications. Our repository boasts an extensive collection of thousands of dielines, catering to a wide array of packaging needs. From tuck end boxes to snap lock boxes, tuck top auto bottom boxes to standard boxes, and even intricate designs like four corner tray boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, special boxes, separators, paper bags, and gift boxes — our platform covers a diverse spectrum of product lines.

Irrespective of whether your material of choice is carton or cardboard, our platform offers a comprehensive array of dielines for your printing needs. Navigating our website is intuitive and seamless: specify your material, input your measurements, and instantly receive your customized template. Our innovative features extend to nesting and 3D mockups, propelling Die Cut Templates into a holistic packaging design solution.

Graphic designers and industry professionals alike can now access a repository of swift and effortless dieline solutions. The days of cumbersome dieline acquisition are over, thanks to Die Cut Templates.