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    About Us

    We took off with 20 years of experience in design and producing dielines.

    Knowledge and the expertise we have for years has showed us that dielines can be a pain for printing
    and packaging industries. We created diecuttemplates.com which is the very first on the sector to
    stop die cut being a problem.

    You can find hundreds of dielines on diecuttemplates.com for tuck end boxes, snap lock boxes,
    tuck top auto bottom boxes, standard boxes, four corner tray boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes,
    special boxes, separators, paper bags, gift boxes and a great number of product lines.

    Whether your material is carton or cardboard, you can get all die cuts you need for printing on
    our website. All you should do is to determine your material and enter your measurements.
    Your die cut is instantly ready!

    Graphic designers and all related workers can get all die cuts they need fast and easy from now on!