Frequently Asked Questions


Color coded lines in dielines contain information about the processes to be applied in different stages of packaging production.
For more details, please visit Line colors in dielines explained
Die Cut Templates offers DXF files in 2 different units: mm and inches.
After downloading the DXF file in either units, it's important that those units match in Adobe Illustrator. If not matched, Illustrator might think 1mm as 1inches.
We prepared a blog post showing how to import DXF files into Illustrator.
Direction marks indicate which direction is considered as up or down. This option can be beneficial when using the Nesting tool, as the tool may rotate the original dieline depending on the template. By using direction marks, the designer can easily see that the dieline has been rotated, and can adjust the graphics accordingly.
Crosses mark the most outer points in the dieline.
They are added when exported for 3d mockups so the artwork can be added in the correct positions.
Chooing offset or flexo printing method affects the material thickness in the dieline. When offset is selected, the material will be somewhat squeezed (10%) so material thickness in the dieline is adjusted for that. With flexo, the material thickness doesn't change because material will not be squeezed.


No, credits do not expire and after purchasing a credit, you can download a custom dieline when you need it.
Credit packs come with a time-limited preview feature. For example, if you purchase 10 credits, you can preview dielines on the browser for 30 days or as long as you have credits. (Whichever comes first). After preview feature expires, you can still download the dieline but you won't be able to preview it on the browser.
You can download your invoices online.
First, please visit My Account Page and enter your "Name on the Invoice", "Address lines on the Invoice" and "VAT information (if applicable)".
After that, you can download your invoices on the My Payments Page