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ECMA Code: A60.75.00.03 (A6075)

About this model

  • Auto lock base, gable box is delivered to the customer the way that bottom end is glued and folded. It is already setup and ready to use when unfolded.
  • It is also known as auto-lock bottom box, himes lock variation box, crash lock box, auto mount box and automatic closing (two-point gluing) box.
  • It enables quick setup and is suitable for both automatic and manual filling.
  • Auto lock base, gable box works well for heavier products. The product should be maximum 1 kg. and shouldn’t spill or leak. If the product is dusty or liquid, it should have its own packaging and the product shouldn’t contact the interior of box directly.
  • Auto lock base, gable boxes are preferred especially in the markets including cosmetics, beauty, health, medical, food and toy.

Gable bag
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