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FEFCO Code: 0426
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Tray Boxes | becf-21704

  • Tray box is used for products like honey, jam, beverage and conserved food offered in the glass jar or bottle.
  • Products can be displayed, stored or carried in tray box.
  • Tray box is prepared the way that four corners are glued and locked. Glued boxes are ready to use when delivered to the customer. However locked boxes are delivered to the customer flatly and locked manually by the customer to operationalize the packaging.
  • Top of the box is open. If required it can be used with lid.
  • Tray box mostly used in food industry is also called jar box or bottle box.
  • It is also preferred in broad range of sectors like textile and technology (mobile phone box, clothing box, necktie box etc.) with lid.

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