Choose measurement unit

Choose material thickness

Enter dimensions
a : length in
b : width in
c : height in
dimension lines
z1 : hand holding length in
Our recommendation: 3.0
d1 : hand holding width in
Our recommendation: 1.0
y2 : hand holding margin in
Our recommendation: 1.0
d : cover flap in
Our recommendation: 3.5
r1 : corner radius in
Our recommendation: 0.5
e : top tuck flap in
Our recommendation: 1.0
y1 : lock margin in
Our recommendation: 1.0
glue flap in
Our recommendation: 0.5
bottom glue in
Our recommendation: 0.5
Dimensions are external dimensions. They define the space outside the box.

Line Colors Explained

Carton Bags & Pillows | becf-1210c

  • Carton bags which are indispensable for retail industry are essential tools to carry purchased products easily.
  • Carton bags perform the duty of significant advertising tool because they have remarkable informative and promotional content about company on them.
  • While carton bags can be optionally produced in different forms, they are commonly preferred horizontally or vertically.
  • Carton bags are produced in accordance with the dimensions and weight of the product to carry.
  • Measurements are determined as height, width and gusset.
  • Handles are made of many different materials including rope, ribbon, grosgrain or jute.
  • Carton bags are used in a great number of sectors, particularly in cosmetics, clothing, jewellery, food and souvenir.

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