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About this Packaging Template

  • Snap lock base, top double tuck end boxes are used in the markets with light products.
  • It is also known as double tuck snap lock base box, 123 bottom box, 1-2-3 bottom box or automatic closing (non-glued) box.
  • The product should be light (maximum 250 gr.) and shouldn’t spill or leak. If the product is dusty or liquid, it should have its own packaging and the product shouldn’t contact the interior of the box directly.
  • Filling the packaging can be done manually or automatically.
  • Snap lock base, top double tuck end boxes are delivered to the customer the way that side parts are glued. Bottom closure is locked manually by the customer to operationalize the packaging.
  • This box is also known as “1-2-3 bottom”. Because it has a bottom closure that closes in 3 quick steps.

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