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Our recommendation: 0.5
Dimensions are external dimensions. They define the space outside the box.

ECMA Code: D10.20.05.53
Line Colors Explained

Food Boxes | becf-1200b

  • This box is called as noddle box.
  • Food boxes are used to keep and carry food products safely and easily.
  • This category contains various box types including dessert box, bakery box, cake box, cupcake box, donut box, macaron box, pizza box, chocolate box and pastry box.
  • Food boxes are produced in accordance with the dimensions and weight of the product to keep.
  • These are disassembled boxes so they are delivered to the customer as a flat sheet and set up manually by folding up and locking together the sides.
  • Because these boxes keep food they should be laminated as it should be.