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Choose material thickness

Enter dimensions
a : length in
This has been automatically calculated.
We recommend: 8.0
b : width in
This has been automatically calculated.
We recommend: 6.0
c : height in
d : a wall width in
e : b wall width in
f : a cell width in
g : b cell width in
h : length number cells
i : width number cells
dimension lines
Dimensions are external dimensions. They define the space outside the box.

Line Colors Explained

Separators | becf-11f05

  • Separators are used for products in the box to protect by cushioning and keep them from moving.
  • They are also preferred as horizontal partitions for products on the top of the other in the box.
  • Separators can be used to create shelves inside the box.
  • They prevent products from falling over and increases resistance.
  • Separators act as divider, protector and lifter.
  • The fields of separators are infinite such as fragile products (glass industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry etc.) and technological products (automotive parts industry, mobile phone industry etc.)
  • They are manufactured according to the inside dimension of box and dimensions of product.

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