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  • Tray boxes

Tray box is used for products like honey, jam, beverage and conserved food offered in the glass jar or bottle.
Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-11aa B15.06.00.00.B

Tray boxes / becf-11aa
ECMA Code: B15.06.00.00.B

Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-11a7 B40.20.00.00

Tray boxes / becf-11a7
ECMA Code: B40.20.00.00 (B4010)

Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-11a3 B40.24.00.00

Tray boxes / becf-11a3
ECMA Code: B40.24.00.00 (B4010)

Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-11a9 B40.20.82.50

Tray boxes / becf-11a9
ECMA Code: B40.20.82.50 (B4150)

Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-1171 B20.01.00.53.B

Tray boxes / becf-1171
+2 Variations
ECMA Code: B20.01.00.53.B (B2153)

Dieline for Tray boxes / becf-11a1 B20.01.00.00

Tray boxes / becf-11a1
ECMA Code: B20.01.00.00 (D130)